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Our Testimonials

The WHALEN-JACK received the Editors Choice Award“The Jack sets up easily, safely and efficiently so you can climb up and get your work done. Thoughtful design, lightweight rigid construction, and ease of use won The WHALEN-JACK wall jack system an Editor’s Choice Award. The unit sets up easily as a safe, sturdy, highly mobile wall jack that meets OSHA codes for load and fall protection.”

Editors’ Choice Awards
Recognizing Innovation and Leadership

“We have been using The WHALEN-JACK for many years now and it is always our first choice in fall protection. Being able to use The WHALEN-JACK saved us both time and money. Our crews are saver using this product and when they feel safe we get more done.”

Don Gordon
President, Gordon Fiano, Inc.

“We don’t have to wait – sometimes days – for someone to set up scaffolding. And if Trades are working below us, we are not in their way. My guys feel more protected up there. And when they feel safe, they get more work done. Everybody wins.”

Dave Kirkpatrick
Owner, B & D Construction

“The WHALEN-JACK has been an integral part in helping not only build but save money at S.R. Freeman. The complete system composes of three pieces, is lightweight, easy to install, and very versatile. We like that we can use them as a fall protection system AND a working scaffold system. In an effort to save money and cut costs whenever we can in this economy, The WHALEN-JACK system has played a huge part in drastically cutting our safety fall protection/scaffold overhead costs by having everything in one system.”

Luc Rhodes
Safety Coordinator, S.R. Freeman Inc. Custom Framing Contractor

“My insurance premium shrunk from $3.6 million to $2 million just by beefing up my worker safety program, which included The WHALEN-JACK.”

Will Shore
Director of Field Operations, SCN Construction

“The WHALEN-JACK system of self-supporting scaffold is by far the most sturdy system that we have ever used. We recently used the system to install windows and siding on a three story house. Without The WHALEN-JACK system, it is hard to imagine how we would have accomplished the job safely and in a timely fashion. We estimate a savings of 60% on our costs using this system to side the house. As a Structural Engineer, this is the only system that I feel comfortable working on and I feel that it is the safest system on the market.”

Ryan L. Kelly
Vice President, Dean Kelly Construction

“My workers love it. They like it because you can use it as a two or three plank system. This enables us to have multiple trades doing multiple jobs. This is a win-win for everyone when they feel safe up there, more work gets done!”

Jeremy McCracken
JMAC Construction

“I like The WHALEN-JACK because it saves lives, has fewer pieces to track, is easy to set up, improves production and quality and saves the company money.”

Alex Mercier
Safety Cordinator, Lucas and Mercier Construction

“As a consumer of The WHALEN-JACK system, we have found this system valuable in a variety of ways. We are a company that prioritizes safety and using this system takes the guess work out of constructing required rail systems that complies with OSHA regulations. The WHALEN-JACK system meets the strength requirements for fall protection, supporting our compliance with OSHA regulations while reducing cost associated with constructing rails from lumber. This system has been a worthy investment that pays for itself. It is easy to install and take down, and is our first choice in a non-ground based fall protection/scaffolding bracket.”

Patricia O’Steen
Safety Engineer, Cloverleaf Construction

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