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Installation: The WHALEN-JACK With Steel Framing

Wood 2x4s must be used in conjunction with all steel framing members supporting The WHALEN-JACK system.

ENSURE SUPPORTING WALL IS 100% COMPLETE. WALLS MUST HAVE ALL SUPPORTING MEMBERS, BLOCKING AND BRACING COMPLETE AND CORRECTLY INSTALLED BEFORE THE WHALEN-JACK SYSTEM CAN BE INSTALLED. All WHALEN-JACK equipment must be inspected before and after every use. Scaffold showing any signs of damage or extensive use must be discarded and replaced. Consult jobsite foreman if there is any question regarding integrity of scaffold.

The WHALEN-JACK has been tested on 18 and 16 gauge steel framing walls in compliance with OSHA standards.

Insure supporting wall is 100% complete. Walls must have all supporting members, blocking and bracing complete and correctly installed. During installation insure ground level is clean and clear of any workers below.

Installation Of The WHALEN-JACK With 18 or 16 Gauge Steel With Sheer / Without Sheer

1.Install full-length 2x4s next to supporting metal studs (2x4s must extend from and be attached to the bottom and top plates). The studs can be attached with self tapping screws and reused on future projects.

2x4s must be used along the sides of metal studs and correctly attached to prevent the POSSIBILITY of twisting in the metal studs, which could cause scaffold failure.

2. Install spanner bracket at desired location, using 16 duplex nails into 2×4 wall studs.

Installation of The WHALEN-JACK With Steel Framing With Sheer

Installation of The WHALEN-JACK With Steel Framing Without Sheer

Take Down of The WHALEN-JACK With Steel Framing

9. Remove 2x4s from metal studs and reuse on future projects.

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