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The WHALEN-JACK is the only non-ground-based scaffolding / fall protection system that can be used in each of your principle work steps providing an OSHA-compliant safety platform while doing framing, shear-wall, roof trusses, fascia, roof sheeting, window installation, soffit, and siding. The WHALEN-JACK is used by some of the largest commercial and residential builders in North America. The system has a proven track record completing jobs for military housing, HUD housing, hospitals, fire stations, universities, schools, churches, hotels, motels, multi-family units, condominiums, apartments, custom homes and track homes. Currently we have retail presence in over 500+ stores nationwide (click to our preferred vendors above).

“We have tried every other fall protection unit out there today. We use The WHALEN-JACK because it is the safest, quickest and most versatile fall protection/scaffolding unit to get on and off the building.”

– Ken Munson
Lucas & Mercier Director of Field Operations

Are You Ready For The New Strict OSHA Directive In Residential Construction?

On December 22, 2010 Federal OSHA rescinded a fifteen year directive (STD 03-00-001) to try to stop the current fall/fatality rate; the new directive (STD 03-11-002) will start March 15, 2013. This means nationwide, that whenever people are working in residential construction and are at least six feet above lower levels, they must be protected by conventional fall protection. (read more).

The WHALEN-JACK Is Featured In OSHA’s New Compliance Guide and Residential Fall Protection Presentation

The WHALEN-JACK is a featured product in OSHA’s new residential construction compliance guide for fall protection (click to view PDF) and residential fall protection presentation (click to view PPT).

Got Fall Protection?

The WHALEN-JACK is featured on page 251 in the new 2011 White Cap Construction Supply Catalog. Check out our advertisement:

The WHALEN-JACK in the new White Cap catalog
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