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The WHALEN-JACK was developed as a result of the experience of building in steep, alpine terrain. Scaffolding is essential in the construction of multi-level buildings but traditional scaffold is cumbersome, very expensive and takes to many man hours to erect and take down. The foundation of this invention is the ease and versatility as well as its broad application across a wide customer base. Besides the standard section scaffolding, other types of clever designs of fall protection and scaffolding exist, but have serious shortcomings for doing the complete job with the ease and versatility of The WHALEN-JACK.

Watch the video to learn more about The WHALEN-JACK fall protection / scaffolding system

The WHALEN-JACK is best in fall protection. It can be set 20-42 inches from the top plate giving proper inside and outside fall protection while completing second floor (and up) floor joists and floor sheeting, second floor (and up) wall framing and sheeting, roof trusses, stacking, eave blocking, fascia, roof sheeting, roofing and gutters.

The WHALEN-JACK can be used from framing to finish. The jack can attach almost anywhere with two 16d duplex nails providing easy access and safety for second floor (and up) framing, sheeting, windows, siding and soffit. No other Fall Protection/Scaffolding unit made today can do the work for the cost or ease of The WHALEN-JACK.

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