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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum load rating?
A: The WHALEN-JACK meets and exceeds all OSHA requirements for a carpenters scaffold bracket listed in Uniform Building Code as defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1926.

Q: What is the maximum spacing distance?
A: Always use OSHA approved scaffold planking. The WHALEN-JACK should be placed at 8-10 foot intervals.

Q: How do I estimate quantities needed for my project?
A: Total building exterior lineal footage divided by eight (jacks are spaced between 8-10 ft apart). All interior and exterior corners require two WHALEN-JACKS.

Q: How do I train my employees to safely use The WHALEN-JACK system?
A: Access installation information on this web site and provide to all employees using The WHALEN-JACK system. If you need further assistance JD Systems can provide OSHA compliant training.

Q: Why use The WHALEN-JACK system?
A: The WHALEN-JACK system is the fastest, most efficient and versatile scaffold system on the market today. The jack will Increase safety and productivity of workers and eliminate the need for section scaffold and other fall arrest systems.

Q: Can I install exterior siding with The WHALEN-JACK system?
A: Yes. Click here to learn how to install The WHALEN-JACK for siding.

Q: Can I use The WHALEN-JACK for light gauge steel framing?
A: Yes. Click here to learn how to install The WHALEN-JACK with light gauge steel framing.

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