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Installation: Scaffolding With The WHALEN-JACK

ENSURE SUPPORTING WALL IS 100% COMPLETE. WALLS MUST HAVE ALL SUPPORTING MEMBERS, BLOCKING AND BRACING COMPLETE AND CORRECTLY INSTALLED BEFORE THE WHALEN-JACK SYSTEM CAN BE INSTALLED. All WHALEN-JACK equipment must be inspected before and after every use. Scaffold showing any signs of damage or extensive use must be discarded and replaced. Consult jobsite foreman if there is any question regarding integrity of scaffold.

Watch the video to learn more about The WHALEN-JACK as a scaffolding system.

The WHALEN-JACK is the only non-ground based OSHA-acknowledged system that can provide a work platform at any elevation on the building. The WHALEN-JACK can eliminate (or greatly decrease) the need for conventional scaffolding. Section Scaffolding tiers from the ground up. For example, if you’re building and need to be at the 3rd floor, you need to tier your scaffolding from the ground up to the 3rd floor. This takes a lot of equipment, people and time. It also takes a lot of space to store all this equipment. (Some of our clientele have complained about having acres of section scaffolding and the money they spend to secure it).

The WHALEN-JACK is a non-ground-based scaffolding unit, so you can proceed directly to the floor you need to work and wrap that floor with our product without having to build your support structure from the ground up. Less equipment, less people and less time; in all, saving the Builder money.

The WHALEN-JACK provides a OSHA-acknowledged scaffold system to assist workers in the safe and efficient completion of: 

  • 2nd floor and up wall and floor framing
  • 2nd floor and up sheer wall installation
  • 2nd floor and up flashing and window installation
  • installation of facia and soffit at roof line
  • installation of paper and siding on entire building

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