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Installation: Siding With The WHALEN-JACK

All WHALEN-JACK equipment must be inspected before and after every use. Scaffold showing any signs of damage or extensive use must be discarded and replaced. Consult jobsite foreman if there is any question regarding integrity of scaffold.

Many of our clients prefer to use The WHALEN-JACK system to side and finish the exterior of their buildings. Using The WHALEN-JACK will eliminate the need to use conventional scaffolding. This will save you time and money while completing your job in a safe and efficient manner.

Installation of The WHALEN-JACK With Horizontal Siding (Tyvex or conventional building paper).

  1. Install building paper to 8 ft elevation on exterior building.
  2. Install siding to 7 ft (leave 1 ft of paper visible).
  3. Install The WHALEN-JACK system at 7 ft 6 in elevation height (this will allow for next courses of paper to be correctly placed to cover hole from spanner bracket. No patching is necessary to cover hole created for spanner bracket installation)
  4. Finish building paper on remainder of building (building paper must be installed at correct elevation to cover hole where spanner bracket is removed).
  5. Skip pieces of siding where spanner bracket extends threw building (these remaining pieces can be installed with the use of a ladder or lift after the scaffold has been removed).
  6. Finish all exterior siding above scaffold line (at this elevation scaffold can be utilized for window installation and exterior trim)

Installation process can be repeated for additional floor heights. When installing on floor heights above two stories lower section of scaffold must remain in place to assist in installing subsequent levels of scaffold.

Contact JD Systems, LLC if you have any further installation questions.

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